Starting the installer

Step 3: Starting the installer.

To be able to start the installer the computer needs to be able to boot from a USB thumb drive (most modern PC's can) but depending on the type/brand you will need to press/hold a specific key during the systems boot process (mostly there will be a message during the POST 1 process). The message might say to press a key like F1 or F12 for Bios Setup, Setup or Boot Options. If there is a boot option select that one (this will only change the boot order once just for this install, else you will need to change the boot order in the BIOS setup, save and reboot and later reset this back to the original settings).

Figure: Starting the Debian installer

Start the computer with the USB pen drive inserted in one of it's USB ports and press the key required to make the computer boot from the pen drive.

Starting the Debian installer

Select Graphical install

The next step will be to setup the Language and Country settings.

Step 4: Language and Country settings
1 Power On Self Test