Language and Country Settings

Step 4: Setting Language and Country settings

Figure: Choose your language
Choose your language

The installer and Linux will use this language by default, it is possible to change this later or set various languages for different users after installation is complete.

Figure: Select your location → other
Choose your location

Because I'm in a country that's not listed I will have to choose other and then Europe to be able to choose Belgium (where I'm located).

Figure: Select Europe
Select Europe
Figure: Select Belgium (or wherever you are ;-))
Choose Belgium, or wherever you are located.

If there are no default "locales" set-up for your chosen setup (like mine) you will need to manual select them. I'll use United Kingdom which makes Linux use British English and not the Americanized English used in the United States.

Figure: Selecting locates
Selecting locales

Finally the keyboard layout, since Belgium uses a non US (QWERTY) layout I'll choose the Belgian layout (AZERTY). This is not 100% the same layout as the French AZERTY (nor the same as the Belgian AZERTY on a MacBook).

Figure: Select Keyboard Layout
Select keyboard layout

The installer will install a few packages and continue with Step 5: Network setup.

Figure: Loading additional installation components from the USB Pen drive
Loading additional installation components from the USB Pen drive.

Continue to Step 5: Network setup.