Installing the software

Step 9: Installing the software.

After scanning the software repository (repo) the installer will continue to install the base system. After a short time you will be presented with a question to participate in the Debian popularity-contest. The popularity-content is used to decide what software is most popular and therefore needs to be available on the first installation CD. Some people might consider this to be "spyware" but the default answer is No, so this is an opt-in feature and will only be used if the user wants to.

Figure: Debian popularity-Contest
Debian popularity-Contest

After answering this question the installer will continue and yet another short time after you will be presented with the Software selection dialog.

Figure: Choose the type of system you want to install.
Choose the type of system you want tot install.

The default is a Desktop with GNOME as Desktop Environment (DE). If you want a server you can remove the tick from the "Debian desktop environment" box. This will install a lot less software and the installation will be completed a lot faster.

For a default Gnome desktop you can check the Gnome check box.

Figure: An example of a Software selection.
An example of a software selection.

Click Continue and the installer will download, install and configure all required software depending on the selection you have made. This can take some time.

Figure: Downloading the required software.
Downloading the required software

After the download is complete everything will be installed.

Figure: Installing the downloaded software.
Installing the downloaded software.

Once this is done we can continue to the final step; Step 10: Installing and configuring the GRUB boot loader.